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Free screening of Japanese film Sakuran • さくらん •

Set in Edo era Japan, “Sakuran” traces the life a young maid sold into the red-light district who rises from lowly courtesan ranks to the high class position of Oiran – but determined to live life as she pleased.
6pm on Wednesday 17th April 2013
Lecture theatre 3 – opposite the library at –
University of East Anglia
All 18+ year olds welcome.

Manga to Movies Project

Details of this and further free monthly screenings from Manga to Movies Project.
The term manga (kanji 漫画) is a Japanese word referring to comics, which are read by all ages there. Sakuran was originally a manga series.

Still from the film Sakuran
さくらん (kanji 錯乱) means derangement