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Urbanmancy Exhibition

22 August - 24 August
Yallop's Art Gallery, St Augustines Street

A three day exhibition of artwork by Jemma Watts and Chris Richford. Plus music, poetry and presentations about magic, speculative biology and psycho-geography in the city of Norwich. 

Jemma's work ~
Chris' work ~

Each evenings events will have a different feel and direction.

CORPUS: On Friday the 22nd we present an eclectic cabaret of words, thoughts and music..

Starting at 7:00pm performances from:
~ Tom Benn (Writer/Novelist)
~ Anna De Vaul (Poet)
~ Paul Knight (Writer)
~ Kitty del Amerra (Audiomancer)
~ Russell J Turner (Poet)

ANIMA: Saturday 23rd is the launch night with an introduction to the themes of the artwork by Jemma and Chris followed by acoustic music, wine and nibbles..

Starting at 6:00pm performances from:
~ Peter Turrell (classical guitar)
~ The artists themselves presenting the ideas and philosophy behind the work.
~ Solomon Amos (Singer & Banjoist)

SPIRITUS: On Sunday 24th we invite you to lounge, listen to music from the past and ponder strange stories and alternative history from the work in progress that is Praeterlimina ..

Featuring Lucy Brady and Chris Richford reading extracts from the Book of Tiny Spirits and other musings surrounding the Alchemical and apocryphal works of Arthur Hazyard..