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11-25 OCTOBER 2014

Standby for Norwich Fringe Festival, with visual art and performance popping up across the city in October.

Norwich Fringe Festival is upon us again, bringing a selection of new work from home-grown artists and one or two visitors from elsewhere! This annual, volunteer-run festival is expert at creating opportunities for emerging and established artists and performers, involving venues across the city.

For 2014, the main Fringe venue is the Undercroft under the Memorial Gardens in front of City Hall, an interesting informal space which will have a visual art exhibition throughout, with 6 artists presenting a range of work, including augmented reality and sound installations. In the Undercroft this year we also have events such as performances, workshops, quizzes and music. Other things may ‘pop up’ during the Fringe, especially in the Twilight Hour 6-7pm, so it’s a good place to drop in and see what’s happening. If you haven’t visited the Undercroft before, you have every reason to do so this October. Many events are free or donations

The Fringe Twilight Hour 6-7pm – on many days you will find short performances in ‘the Twilight Hour’ 6-7pm in the Undercroft. This is a time when people can pass by on their way home after shopping or work, or on their way to the pub, cinema, theatre for an evening out. And you can see the exhibition at the same time. Drop in and see what the Undercroft has to offer and check the website for updates to the programme. #fringetwilight

We also have more visual art at STEW, The Birdcage, Franks Bar and the Wharf Academy, and performances in the Wharf Academy, The Birdcage, The Garage, The Mash Tun and The Waterfront.

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