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St Julian Conference 2014

St Julian Conference 2014
St. Luke's Church, Norwich
November 8, 2014

A Day Conference on Living Change Wisely from Christian and Buddhist perspectives, featuring Julian of Norwich and teachings from the Soto Zen tradition.

This conference aims to create a reflective space in which participants might consider their experience and methods of dealing with change and loss.

Religious and spiritual teachings may help us understand how to cope with change and loss, but, paradoxically, under the emotional pressure that change and loss bring, we can forget all we have learnt. We respond reactively and increase our suffering and that of those around us.  Dealing wisely with change and loss at times of crisis poses an extreme challenge for our personal development and our integration of spiritual and religious wisdom.

Robert Fruehwirth, Priest Director of the Julian Centre, will reflect on how Julian of Norwich’s Revelations of Divine Love catalysed a period of massive change in his life, and provided support in coping with the inevitable stress and loss of a major transition.  Judy Moore, outgoing Director of Counselling at the University of East Anglia, will reflect on how  teachings from the Soto Zen Buddhist tradition have helped her in dealing with recent transitions and challenges in her own life.

The format of the day will involve silent contemplative time, input from Robert and Judy, time for discussion in small groups and reflecting in plenary. 

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