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Ideal Surreal Gig

Ideal Surreal Presents

Shield Patterns

Live at the Blueberry
Thursday 29th April
8pm – Close

The best things come in pairs, but tonight is a tale of thirds, Third show of the year that is. This one is a little more laid back than some of our earlier 2015 offerings but it is still a fan-daza-dosey of musical loveliness. 

Headlining are Collider, three local chaps who are a different beast. Dark, brooding,low-fi electronic experimentation with some heavy guitar riffs chucked in for good measure. Watching them is fascinating, as they are so into what they are creating and very unique. ‘Dinosaur’ is their new single and is a slow burner building and building until fading out near the end into a smouldering fire.

Support are Shield Patterns, one of the best new acts to recently pop up in my old home town Manchester. They are less 'Madchester,' more 'late night, ambient Chillwave, with a singer in Claire Brentall stunning voice underpinned by noises and beats from Richard Knox. intense, infectious and incredibly detailed dark-pop music. 

Completing the bill is Host who will be performing their draw upon electronic instrumentation and a variety of contemporary musical influences to create a unique style of post-rock.

It starts at 8pm and is free

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