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Trade school - Sourdough Variations

Sourdough Variations
Saturday 11th April 2015 - 15:00
Event organised by Trade School Norwich

Sourdough bread is wonderfully suited to accepting additions to the basic bread dough - olives, sundried tomato, cheese, nuts, and seeds to name just a few. This class will assume some familiarity with baking sourdough bread. It will build on this knowledge to suggest ways in which you can enhance a basic loaf to make it a wonderful complement to meals or turn it practically into a meal all by itself. I will offer some practical demonstrations, recipe ideas and samples to taste on the day. 

Bring one of the following:
A bag of interesting flour.
A cookbook.
A favourite family recipe (the older the better!)
Interesting ingredients to bake into a bread.
Surprise me!

About the teacher, Mark Bond-Webster I'm a keen amateur and completely self-taught baker, with a 30 year love affair with baking bread. I have taught a class on 'Baking your first sourdough' at the Trade School and look forward to teaching this 'part 2'.

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