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Wellbeing Event - You are the Placebo

Wednesday 22nd April 2015, 18:30-20:30

Taking charge of our wellbeing….
Come and find answers to these important questions:
Is depression really a chemical imbalance? *
How effective are antidepressants? *
What are some more natural ways to overcome depression and anxiety?
How did psychiatrists come up with the many ‘disorders’ we now suffer from?
What happens when the body says No?
How much sleep do we need?
What is stress and how can we avoid it?
How do our thoughts and feelings affect our bodies and our genes?
What is the healthiest way to feed ourselves?
Should I take supplements or is it just hype?

Discover 7 steps to greater happiness, peace of mind and wellbeing taken from the latest science of health, psychoneuroimmunology.

Sue Bayliss, B.A, PGCE, accredited coach, holistic psychotherapist, licensed NLP and EMN trainer, clinical supervisor, wellbeing consultant, author and poet. For more information visit:

If you or a friend or colleague are interested in Sue’s NLP training there will be information provided on the night and a chance to take part in some NLP exercises as part of the evening.

Refreshments will be provided afterwards and there will be time for networking or meeting up with like minded individuals.

You are the Placebo - a talk by Sue Bayliss