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Festival Of Life event

Festival Of Life 2015

Festival of Life 
The Forum, Wednesday, September 23rd 2015, 9  am and 5 pm,

An introduction to setting up your own charity, community project or business, with a mix of local and national charities, plus social enterprises, to answer your queries and concerns.  There are are a wide range of organisations attending the festival with the aim of show casing their important community work.

These organisations include charities, and community advisory/enterprise commencement/development organisations  The aim is to enable people with different community objectives to obtain advice, and hopefully sufficient information to be able to go ahead, and make a start to put in place whatever community projects they have in mind.

For those wishing to commence a community group for a specific purpose, i.e. restart a useful service such as a community bus service,  or a community interest company to put in place a bigger project such as reopen a village shop, and run it as a community shop, or establish an actual business in order to say - employ young people unable to get work in say a rural area - there are attending advisory organisations that should offer at least basic and useful advice for such community based aims.

During the course of the day there will be a series of talks from those involved in some of the organisations that are attending. It is planned to have four talks each from charities, and advisory organisations alike. The list of speakers and talk subjects will be decided in the near future, and be placed as a link on this page - list of speakers and subjects covered.

Festivals of Life