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Norwich Fringe Festival

9-18 OCTOBER 2015

Join us for the Launch in the Undercroft 
Friday 9 October 6-8pm

The shape-shifting collective that is the Norwich Fringe is on the move again! And yet again, this year we are working slightly differently. We are working with a theme of how the arts and creativity affect the way we live, our sense of humanity and our well-being so we have a series of talks, workshops, screenings, performances and exhibitions in the Undercroft in October 2015. 

We are interested in how arts and science cross over, how arts and creativity influence our health and state of mood and mind and examples of where the arts and activities inspire everyday achievements, aspiration and ambition - think of it like a kind of Venn diagram of arts, science and well-being.

Under the banner of Norwich Fringe Festival, we will explore how arts, science and our senses work together to enhance our quality of life and well-being with a view to developing an independent event in the future

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