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Art of Norwich 43 - #ANARTISTSUPRISING

Art of Norwich 43 - #ANARTISTSUPRISING
 LAUNCHES : SUNDAY 10th April – 7:30-9:30pm
 @ St Margarets - The Church of Art, St Benedicts Street, Norwich

 Open Daily 10am - 5pm until 23rd April

 "Art is free,
 Is anarchy,
 Is all the things that you can see,
 Or hear, or smell, or taste, or feel,
 From the imaginary to the real"

 Norwich will witness #ANARTISTSUPRISING as a self selected collection of artists attempt to incite inspiration and creativity, by celebrating the revolutionary freedom to express themselves without censorship.
 It will run for two whole weeks, is free for all, and is sure to be worth a proper gander!

 LAUNCHES 10th April - 7:30pm - 9:30pm

 For further information :
 Short Film : “The Art of Norwich : Where Dreams Meet Reality”
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