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Madgalen Street Celebration

Madgalen Street Celebration 2016

The Magdalen Street Celebration is a community-led extravaganza and the city’s liveliest street fair. We help local people to celebrate the creativity and diversity of the most diverse and eclectic neighborhood in the city, through art, music, dance and any which way they chose.
We aim to help develop a positive sense of place, foster links with each other and showcase the sustainability of a neighborhood made up of locally-owned businesses and vintage, second-hand and antique shops.

The Celebration takes place every year in early October. It is made up of local performers, artists, history buffs and enthusiastic children.  What happens is determined by the proposals people make and the character of the day changes from year to year depending on who is involved. 

The Magdalen Street Celebration is above all a community event celebrating the people who live, work and visit here. So get in touch and join in the Celebration !