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UEA Dementia Lecture

House of cards: dementia at home

Tuesday 1st November 2016 - 18:30
Inaugural Lectures: House of cards: dementia at home 

Prof Eneida Mioshi

Dementias slowly take away people’s independence. While we cannot stop the disease processes in the brain, can we find ways to support people to do things that are important to them at home and in the community? This lecture will explore the various factors behind functional dependence, and how a systematic approach to everyday living issues could lead to novel therapies in dementias and motor neurone disease. 

This event is one of the UEA's Inaugural Lectures, exploring cutting-edge ideas with UEA's newest professors. All talks take place at 6.30pm and are followed by a drinks reception.

For more information: call 01604 592130, visit the UEA Events website or email with further enquiries

Julian Study Centre Lecture Theatre