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Last Friday of the Month 1.15-1.45pm
Sainsbury Centre
Meet at Gallery Reception

Join one of our volunteer guides for an informative talk on an artist, object or aspect of the Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Collection.

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But what's it for? 
26 May 2017

Conceived as a response to this question, asked by a ten year old boy in front of Jean Arp’s sculpture Orphic Dream, this talk is led by two of our guides as they discuss what it art is for, using some of their favourite pieces in the Sainsbury Collection as their starting point.

The Bodhisattva in Buddhism and Art
28 July 2017

Bodhisattva sculptures often look like sculptures of the Buddha, but there is a significant difference. This talk will explain what a Bodhisattva is and will look at the different ways in which the Bodhisattvas are portrayed in the collection.