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SO ME Tue 27 Jan 10am - 4pm

SO ME Tue 27 Jan 10am - 4pm

On the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, SoMe encourages you to keep the memory alive through face to face interaction.

SoMe aims to bring people together. Through the nuances of social media, such as 'The Wall' and 'The Chat Room', SoMe generates dialogue between members of the public and volunteers willing to share their personal experiences.

Volunteers will post brief descriptions of themselves (like Tweets) on ‘The Wall’, with a basic profile of themselves underneath. Visitors can then read the descriptions and choose to “follow” the volunteers, such as a refugee, for example, to find out more about them and their experiences. The next stage is to enter ‘The Chat Room’ – a section of the Atrium where they can have a chat and, hopefully, emerge better informed.

Organsier Nick Little states that there will be 'a range of people with different experiences. It’s not just about the holocaust, but all genocides, recent experiences such as the Congo. The idea is to allow people to have conversations with people who may have experienced some of these things.'

For more information on Holocaust Memorial Day 2015 please visit hmd.org.uk

Follow the event on Twitter at @SoMeEvent or #SoMe

For more information on the organisers of this event, please visit the-outsiders.org.uk