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Wheeling along from Whitlingham to Bramerton

Wheeling along from Whitlingham to Bramerton
Sunday 31st August at 2.00pm 

Starting Point & Postcode - Whitlingham Visitor Centre, Whitlingham Lane, NR14 8TR
Overall Duration  - 2 hours 0 mins  (1 hours 15 mins cycling)

Sky Ride Local in Norwich
This is a lovely quiet ride in Whitlingham Country Park and along the banks of the River Yare. The ride has some nice little undulations to offer any novice rider a bit of a challenge and has a couple of small sections of off-road riding. Come and enjoy a bit of peace and tranquility with us along as we pedal our way through the park. Suitable only for mountain bikes.
If you’re fairly confident on your bike and ready to broaden your cycling horizons, our Steady rides are ideal. At a comfortable pace, and possibly with some modest hills along the way, rides take place on mainly quiet roads with plenty of sights along the way. Rides are between 6 and 20 miles long, at a moderate pace of between 7 and 10 miles an hour.

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